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Do i have to go throuhg this all over again?

I was involved with this community way back when i had red hair it was called grindinvain and some asshole deleted all the entries, and i never got around to joining the new community so I guess im just gonna make a "newbie" post now unless ya'll decide to let me in.


thanks suarez for fucking with my pictures. <3

Favorite bands
1. The Adicts
2. Black Flag
3. Charles Bronsen
4. The Survivors
5. Joy Division/New Order
Favorite clothing designer
1. Betsy Johnson

Favorite shirt
1. my cut up and sewn back together UK SUBS shirt specifically taylored so the sleeves hang off the shoulders.
Piercings you have- none yet, wait a few months
Tattoos?- like i said wait a few months
Best show you have ever been to?- The Survivors very last show w/ Ensign aldo tied with Blood for Blood adn the Ducky Boys
Favorite movies
1. Quadrophenia
2. Tank Girl
3. Camp Nowhere
Favorite book- Choke
Drugs (yes or no)- nope
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